5 A-Level Biology Revision Tips: 2022 Edition

Most of the time, getting an A in A-level Biology is enough to get you accepted to a Medicine program. However, those striving to receive that coveted A* on their grade sheet can relate to how difficult it can be to get an extraordinary score. That being said, if you can get the right guidance and resources you need to perfect your understanding of the course, you can easily achieve your desired grades.

Here are five revision tips for students giving A-Level Biology in 2022.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve probably heard this saying a million times by now, but only because of how right it is. Past papers are an A-Level student’s best friend and can help you familiarise yourself with the Biology exam before sitting for it. Before the exams, take the previous papers and study them to get a feel for the real exam.

Doing multiple papers will help you get used to the concepts and answer questions that the examiner will ask. Some of the subject specifications may not have many past papers, so use the questions from the textbook instead. Doing multiple papers will also help you get used to the concepts and answer the questions correctly.

2. Look at Examiner Reports

These are useful for revision because they show the exact specifications of the exams and the common mistakes students make. Sometimes, knowing the right answer isn’t enough if you’re unable to explain it as per the exam’s requirements. Examiner reports can help you improve your answers through model questions so you can give the kind of answer that deserves an A*.

3. Revise Periodically, Not All at Once

A-Level Biology is one of those subjects where the examiner often asks you to explain answers and give an interpretation of why certain reactions happen. Answering “Explain” questions may seem confusing, but an excellent way to practice this is to discuss the answers with your peers and see how well you can explain the course verbally. Doing so helps improve your understanding and make it easier to spot mistakes.

Due to the large number of subjects covered in A-levels, it is important to keep up with all of your work and revise it whenever possible. Doing past papers will also help consolidate your knowledge and make it easier to remember.

4. Take Time to Relax

Spending hours on end in front of your textbook may seem like the only way to get a perfect grade, but you also need to consider your mental health. Taking time off to relax can help you rejuvenate and in a better space to retain information. This can be as simple as going out for a walk, watching a show, or practising your favourite musical instrument.

5. Choose an Online Homeschool that Balances Studies and Play

At this age, it’s easy to become so immersed in studies that students start neglecting their mental and physical health. This, in turn, results in poor grades due to them becoming disillusioned with their academics in the long run.

For students to perform in their A-Level Biology exams to the best of their abilities, they need proper guidance from a teaching institute that promotes healthy studying habits rather than just rote learning.

This is where Cambridge Home School Online comes in. We’ve been helping students ace their exams for two decades through modern educational resources, interactive classrooms, and pastoral support to help them get through A-Levels. Our MA/PhD qualified subject-specialists are trained to make the most of online homeschooling so that students can learn effectively without falling behind or feeling neglected. Students are encouraged to contact us for more information on our A-Level homeschooling programs.


What are some effective revision tips for A-Level Biology?

To perform well in A-Level Biology, consider using past papers to familiarise yourself with exam questions, consulting examiner reports for better insight into exam specifications, revising periodically, taking time off to relax, and choosing a balanced homeschooling program like Cambridge Home School Online.

How important are past papers in preparing for the A-Level Biology exam?

Practising past papers is crucial for A-Level Biology students as it helps them get accustomed to the format and types of questions that may be asked. If there are limited past papers available, questions from textbooks can also be helpful.

Can examiner reports be useful in A-Level Biology revision?

Yes, examiner reports are invaluable for identifying common mistakes and understanding the specific requirements of the exam. These reports can offer model questions and answers, which can help students aim for an A*.

How can students balance study and relaxation during A-Level Biology preparation?

While intense study sessions may seem necessary for top grades, it’s equally important to take short breaks for relaxation. Activities like walking or watching a show can aid mental rejuvenation, ultimately benefiting academic performance.

What does Cambridge Home School Online offer for A-Level Biology students?

Cambridge Home School Online has been helping students excel in their exams for 20 years through advanced educational resources and interactive online classrooms. They provide pastoral support and encourage healthy study habits, offering a well-rounded approach to A-Level Biology.