20 Benefits of Private Schools Over Traditional

20 Benefits of Private Schools Over Traditional

Choosing the right educational path for one’s child is a pivotal decision every parent faces. In recent years, the debate between private and traditional public schooling has intensified. Private schools, with their bespoke educational experiences, offer distinct advantages that can significantly impact a student’s academic journey and personal development. Cambridge Home School Online (CHS), a premier online private school based in the UK, exemplifies these benefits, providing a unique blend of academic rigour, personalised learning, and innovative teaching methodologies. This article explores 20 key benefits of private schools over traditional ones, illustrating how CHS stands as a beacon of excellence in private education.

Academic Excellence

Enhanced Individual Attention

  • Smaller Class Sizes: One of the most cited benefits of private schooling is the luxury of smaller class sizes. This environment fosters a more intimate learning experience, allowing teachers to tailor their instruction to individual student needs. At CHS, the commitment to small class sizes (8–10 pupils) ensures that each student receives the attention and support necessary to thrive academically.
  • Advanced and Diverse Coursework: Private schools pride themselves on offering a broad and advanced curriculum. CHS takes this a step further by providing a wide range of IGCSE and A-Level courses, enabling students to explore their interests deeply and excel in their chosen subjects.
  • Specialised Educational Programmes: The focus on specialised programmes is a hallmark of private education. CHS excels in this area by offering targeted courses in disciplines like Art & Design, Drama, and Music, guided by expert PhD/MA/MSc qualified teachers.

Resources and Opportunities

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Modern facilities and access to the latest technology are significant advantages of private schools. CHS harnesses state-of-the-art online platforms to deliver an engaging and interactive learning experience, bridging the gap between traditional and digital education.

Unique Extracurricular Activities

  • Private schools often provide a wider array of extracurricular activities than their public counterparts. CHS leverages its online format to offer diverse extracurricular opportunities, ensuring students can pursue their passions beyond the academic curriculum.

Enriching External Engagements

  • Access to guest speakers and field trips expands students’ learning beyond the classroom. CHS utilises its vast network to organise virtual events and experiences, connecting students with global experts and cultures.

Community and Support

Close-knit Community Feel

  • The smaller scale of private schools like CHS promotes a strong sense of community among students, teachers, and parents. This supportive network is integral to the school’s ethos, ensuring a nurturing environment conducive to personal and academic growth.

Personalised Guidance and Support

  • Private schools excel in providing personalised support to their students. CHS’s dedicated team of counsellors and advisors work closely with students to help them navigate their academic journey and future aspirations.

Robust Alumni Networks

  • A strong alumni network offers invaluable resources for career advice and networking. CHS’s alumni community spans across the globe, offering students a wealth of opportunities for mentorship and professional growth.

Unique Learning Experiences

Project-Based Learning

  • Hands-On, Real-World Application: Private schools often emphasise project-based learning, allowing students to engage with real-world problems and develop practical solutions. CHS takes this approach to heart, incorporating project-based assignments across its curriculum to enhance critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: The flexibility of private education facilitates interdisciplinary learning, where students can connect concepts across different subjects. CHS offers courses that blend disciplines, encouraging a holistic understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of knowledge.
  • Global Perspective: With a focus on global education, private schools like CHS offer programmes that broaden students’ horizons. Through online collaborations and virtual exchanges, CHS students gain a global perspective, understanding diverse cultures and global issues.

Personal Growth and Development

Leadership Opportunities

  • Empowerment and Responsibility: Smaller school settings often mean more opportunities for leadership roles. CHS nurtures this potential by encouraging students to take on leadership positions within the online school community, fostering skills in leadership, initiative, and public speaking.
  • Customised Learning Paths: The ability to tailor education to individual needs is a significant advantage of private schooling. CHS excels in creating personalised learning plans, accommodating various learning styles and helping students progress at their own pace.
  • Character and Ethical Development: Beyond academics, private schools like CHS place a strong emphasis on character education. Through a curriculum that includes social-emotional learning and ethical decision-making, CHS prepares students to be conscientious and well-rounded individuals.

Additional Considerations

Location and Accessibility

  • Flexibility and Convenience: The online nature of CHS removes geographical barriers, making quality education accessible to students regardless of their location. This flexibility ensures that students can receive a British education from anywhere in the world, provided they have internet access.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Investment in Future Success: Understanding the financial aspect is crucial when considering private education. CHS offers clear information on tuition fees and strives to provide value for investment, recognising education as a pivotal investment in a child’s future.


The decision between private and traditional public schooling is multifaceted, involving considerations of academic quality, resources, community support, and personal growth opportunities. Private schools, with their focus on individualised attention, advanced coursework, and specialised programmes, offer a compelling alternative to traditional schooling models. Cambridge Home School Online stands out as a prime example of how private education can be tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of students, providing a comprehensive, flexible, and engaging learning experience that prepares them for success in an ever-changing world.

By choosing a private school like CHS, parents and students can benefit from a nurturing environment that not only excels academically but also fosters personal development, global awareness, and a lifelong love for learning. As we navigate the educational landscape, the benefits of private schooling, particularly in an online format, become increasingly evident, offering a viable and attractive option for families seeking the best educational outcomes for their children.


What are the key advantages of smaller class sizes in private schools?

Smaller class sizes in private schools offer a more intimate and focused educational environment, enabling teachers to provide tailored instruction and individual attention to each student, enhancing their academic success.

How do private schools offer advanced and diverse coursework?

Private schools typically offer a broad curriculum with advanced courses, allowing students to explore a wide range of subjects deeply and develop specialised skills in areas of interest.

What unique extracurricular activities do private schools provide?

Private schools often boast a diverse array of extracurricular activities, from robotics teams to equestrian programs, enabling students to cultivate unique interests and talents beyond the standard curriculum.

How do private schools foster a strong sense of community?

The close-knit environment of private schools encourages a strong sense of community among students, teachers, and families, creating a supportive network that enhances both personal and academic development.

What are the benefits of project-based learning in private schools?

Project-based learning in private schools allows students to engage with real-world challenges, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and practical problem-solving skills through hands-on experiences.