16 Parents Discuss Their Children’s Online Schooling Experiences

Since our inception in 2002, we have been planning engaging, interactive, and retentive online classes for students across the globe. Today, we proudly teach thousands of students from the UK, Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

While our students are recognised for securing top grades, they’re also lauded for their diverse set of skills, moral and ethical development, athletic achievements, and go-getter attitude. Our MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers work hard to help students become motivated, well-rounded, capable, and confident individuals. Our students continue to impress us by performing well in university and starting successful careers in the future.

In this blog, we’ll focus on one of the key players involved in the process of transitioning from conventional (in-person) schooling to online schooling: parents. We would not be able to help students perform as well as they do if it weren’t for the unrelenting support of their parents.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we receive emails, letters, and online messages from parents on a regular basis. We’re grateful to each and every one of them! Let’s take a closer look at how parents have been describing their children’s online schooling experiences at our institution.

You can explore the rest of our reviews by opening our TrustSpot page. As you scroll down and navigate the pages, you’ll find some of the reviews we’ve shared here and many others. Please note that we haven’t edited the reviews highlighted in this blog to maintain transparency. If you observe any grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors, they’re not a reflection of our institution. Let’s get started!

1. Nusaibah Fahmy

a mother preparing her daughter for online school

“My son is really enjoying studying his IGCSEs with Cambridge Online Education. The teachers are brilliant and have really inspired him. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.”

Our thoughts: Our teachers have had a pleasure teaching Nusaibah’s son. The IGCSE-A Level junction isn’t easy. Students often struggle to acclimatise to the learning pace and rigorousness.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our teachers provide one-on-one attention to each student. This helps pupils overcome the hurdles that are generally associated with this schooling junction.

We promptly address their questions and ease any concerns. By doing the same for Nusaibah’s son, we helped him have an enjoyable online schooling experience and secure top grades.

2. Anna Vershkova

“Both of my kids tried open morning lessons and we really liked it! This is onlain school but with live lessons and a stable schedule, which is very important for children.”

3. Lee-Ann O’Connor

“My review is for Lower Art KS3 OCAD. My daughter has really enjoyed these art lessons as opposed to art lesson she had at school. They are very thorough, organised and take time to relay instructions very well. The feedback is always useful for increasing points and frankly, I am amazed at how well they achieve such a practical lesson online. I am so glad we OCAD, I am very impressed and usually difficult to please!”

Our thoughts: Art is one of the most creative subjects. It taps into each student’s artistic personality and increases their interest in exploring creative pursuits like drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, reading, writing, and the likes.

At Cambridge Lower School Online, we use a special approach to teaching art. Our lessons are more fun, engaging, and stimulating than conventional art lessons. We believe that students must develop a genuine interest in art. If the interest is forced, their artistic potential can never be fully and freely achieved.

Our teachers work closely with each student in a one-on-one setting, honing their skills and increasing their interest in the subject. Our students perform exceptionally well in class and become more creatively, artistically, and aesthetically inclined. This is the ultimate goal!

4. Robert Rudawski

a teacher delivering a lesson

 “The whole experience with the A-Level course has been impressive from the very beginning. The most outstanding thing is the tutor’s responsiveness to communication. The marking of the submitted work is quick, very accurate, and the student can learn a lot from that. There are lots of materials available; the tutor’s support is always precious, and available whenever needed. Also, the IT system used to deliver the course is very solid. In general, I would highly recommend Cambridge Online Education and their courses to anyone looking for high-quality courses at reasonable prices.”

5. Nicole Lloyd

“My daughter absolutely loves this course and the teachers are fantastic! The live lessons are well thought out, easy to follow and understand and really enjoyable. Instructions for the tasks are very clear and my daughter loves doing them. She really looks forward to her live lessons twice a week and taking part in them with the online interaction and feedback from her teacher. We are so happy we chose OCAD – it has given my daughter a new perspective on her education and we love to see her enjoying it so much. Thank you!”

6. Joanna Rhodes

 “My daughter is taking the Level 2 Art & Design course and loves it. Her art has really developed & her tutors give advice regularly. She’s also going on to take the Level 3/4 Foundation course. Highly recommended course & school.”

Our thoughts: Our teachers were particularly impressed with Joanna’s daughter’s performance. While she’s happy with our service, we’re twice as happy that we got the chance to teach her gifted daughter!

Cambridge Primary Prep School’s Art & Design teacher says, and we quote, “Teaching art is so much more rewarding when students look forward to their lessons. This is exactly what I focus on every time I set up my online classes for the day! I help students get excited about their classes. Their energy creates an incredible learning atmosphere. As students learn art theory and work on their projects, they thoroughly enjoy themselves.”

Students who enjoy their classes also perform better. Our art students continue to impress us by picking up on critical concepts particularly well and creating inspiring artwork.

7. Marina Barr

“My daughter looks forward to listen to the classes every Tuesday and Thursday. In the beginning she had a few issues to find her way on teams but the staff and the art teachers at Cambridge Online Education were brilliant at helping her. So thank you!!”

a child attending online school

Our thoughts: We make sure that every student has a smooth and seamless transition to online schooling. Our teachers ensure that each student has access to our online library of educational resources.

Students can explore a range of essential tools, including videos, past papers, catch-up lessons, teacher guides, exercises, and so much more. When combined with excellent teaching support, these tools go a long way in further simplifying and enhancing the learning process.

8. Fiona Edwards

“We were impressed with the small class sizes, the interaction in teaching with the students and the set up of the screens. Had a lovely chat with the headmaster which made us feel we were going on the right track. Would like the trial to be longer as for us was difficult to fit in seeing all the live lessons we wanted to.”

9. Matteo Capellino

 “As a parent I can definitely say that the assistance, coordination, level of curriculum, teachers and education are outstanding. The feedback of my daughter is definitely positive and she loves the positive approach and motivational learning practice at this school as well as the assistance and support at any level from teachers, coordinators and success coach.”

a student interacting with her teacher

Our thoughts: At Cambridge Home School Online, we use a well-rounded, independent, and interdisciplinary curriculum. Parents have complimented our approach many times as their children have secured better grades than before.

We believe that the national curriculum is simply too prescriptive. It fails to cover curricular breadth and depth, which prevents students from having a comprehensive learning experience. Curricular superficiality results in a weak grasp of course materials. As a result, students perform poorly.

By using our own curriculum, we help students overcome these problems. Our curriculum covers more ground, helping students learn better. We also provide timely feedback to all students, as highlighted by Matteo. This helps students hone their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and become better learners in the long run.

10. Mrs. Giles

“My daughter has been trialling Cambridge Online and loves it, she struggled in mainstream school due to high anxiety so this way of leaning is perfect for her. The teachers are all very friendly and helpful, the classes are small unlike other online schools where there can be up to a 100 students in a class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cambridge to anyone looking for online education.”

 11. Alice

“Our son has grown tremendously since he joined Cambridge Home School two years ago. Despite his incredible abilities, his last school (a top London independent) managed to crush his self-esteem and destroy his confidence and they allowed him to be bullied. The smaller classes and exceptional skills and kindness of the teachers at Cambridge Home School have brought back our happy son! His grades are improving all the time and we’re confident that he will excel in next year’s exams. We are so positive about the future now and so we highly recommend the school. Thank you so much!”

Our thoughts: Conventional (in-person) schooling is often deemed unsuitable for children’s self-esteem. The risk of bullying, peer pressure, harassment, and abuse is simply too high. Students feel insecure and question their abilities.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we maintain a wholesome, positive, and respectful online learning environment. Students are encouraged to respect and value their peers. We also teach empathy to every student, enabling them to understand each other better. This helps reduce the risk of judgment, discrimination, and hate among pupils.

12. Nicole Lloyd

“My daughter absolutely loves this course and the teachers are fantastic! The live lessons are well thought out, easy to follow and understand and really enjoyable. Instructions for the tasks are very clear and my daughter loves doing them. She really looks forward to her live lessons twice a week and taking part in them with the online interaction and feedback from her teacher. We are so happy we chose OCAD – it has given my daughter a new perspective on her education and we love to see her enjoying it so much. Thank you!”

13. Nathalie Belmas

 “Our son just completed A Level Music and I wanted to acknowledge the great dedication of the teachers over the past 2 years. This was not an easy subject; our son truly gained a lot from attending this course and was able with the teachers’ help to overcome obstacles and start believing in himself. Amazing quality of teaching and support, I would recommend the course to anyone.”

a student being coached by his teacher

14. Mr. Dawood

“My daughter has been with Cambridge Online School UK for a few years now and finally past the post with her IGCSEs. The standard of education has been exceptional and the entire staff a pleasure to be in touch with on all matters relating to the education itself as well as the administrative matters. Beyond it all though the ethos to dedicated teaching came through and it’s my pleasure to have been associated with this establishment.”

Our thoughts: We believe that every branch of an online institution must be managed exceptionally well. From the teaching to the administration, each facet of the school must run smoothly and efficiently. This is exactly what we aim to do at our institution.

15. Maria Van Niekerk

“Thank you for the assistance. The registration and payment arrangements went smoothly. Only the parent email was used to create the online login instead of the student’s. However, it doesn’t really matter as she has a profile and able to login. My daughter already watch the replay to week one and she is busy with the homework. Great course. Thank you for making it available.”

16. Katie Clark

“My son has recently enrolled in the lower school art course. Although he has only completed one live lesson so far, he enjoyed this immensely – the teacher is welcoming, thorough and engaging, and he is really looking forward to continuing to work through the course. He has looked through some of the previous lessons (from before he started) which have been recorded, and these are equally brilliant. I found the customer service/sales to be excellent – knowledgeable but not fussy and they answered all my questions quickly and in detail. The online portal is easy to use and access was set up within 24 hours of payment being made. The teacher and the head of department also emailed us to welcome my son and to ask what we wanted to achieve – this was great, so personal and made my son feel much more confident. I was a bit worried about purchasing an online course but I couldn’t be happier with it. Highly recommended.”

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